Dangers related to Porn sites

Porn site danders

Did you enter 123fporn.info to enjoy yourself? STOP. We have to warn you about the main dangers hiding in adult-related websites!

Firstly, we should inform you that 123fporn.info is not available anymore. However, keeping in mind that porn-streaming websites share high popularity among certain groups of netizens, we decided to set this page just to warn you about the main dangers related to these sites.

In 2016, PornHub, one of the most well-known web pages of such kind, attracted more than 23 billion visits. In short – it had 729 people per second. Fortunately, domains promoting porn content are no longer considered the main source of malware. However, we still should not forget that dangers, wandering in porn websites, are still there. 2% of such domains are still compromised with malware. Taking into account that hijack techniques are becoming more relevant, users who are addicted to such websites should be aware of the possible outcomes. Otherwise, several minutes of entertainment may lead them to hours of frustration over encrypted or stolen data.

The matter of pornographic websites harboring viruses received its first attention back in 1999. Melissa, a notorious computer threat, drew attention to this particular issue when it inflicted global financial losses of approximately $80 million. Another “unpleasant surprise” which arrived via a compromised Flash advert and triggered a hidden Flash exploit loaded from a seemingly innocent XML file, was infamous I Love You worm.

The key malware types which may lurk in such domains

There are multiple worst-case scenarios while getting struck with the malware on such website. For example:

• Computer worms infect other computers visible on the same network;
• Trojans are capable of operating secretly on the computer and leak your confidential information (email logins and credit card credentials) to remote servers;
• Ransomware viruses encrypt data and demand several-dollar ransoms in exchange to the data.

Even if you are smart enough not to rampage on a pornographic website by clicking around all possible links offering high-quality porno videos, you may become a victim of blackmailing. The case of Ashley Madison illustrates such phenomenon well. More sophisticated porn streaming websites require registration, so the risk of getting your account hacked and then receiving a blackmailing email is not completely out of the question.

Hackers are becoming craftier with each day. Current news or incidents pump cyber criminals’ minds with more insidious ideas. Have you heard about “The Fappening” Internet phenomenon? If you are into celebrity-related porn websites, you might have been enticed to look for the leaked supposedly nude Amanda Seyfried or Katie Cassidy photos. In this case, you become one of the easiest targets for cyber criminals to tempt you into downloading a corrupted file.

While the numbers of porn web page visits are indeed outstanding, make sure you keep up with the latest information and protect yourself from virtual attacks. To get the latest information related to malware, make sure you check novirus.uk from time to time.