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Digimon is gay tumblr post

I bricked my computer today, rendering all of my saved Digimon episodes unreachable for the time being. I miss doing this and want to get back to it. So with the news today that Tumblr is going to disallow all nsfw content as of December 17, I thought it might be pertinent to bring you this message:. This blog has never posted a single scrap of nsfw content since its inception and never will.
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Digimon gay sex movietures tumblr He

Digimon is gay tumblr post
Digimon is gay tumblr post
Digimon is gay tumblr post
Digimon is gay tumblr post
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Joselyn's Journey to the Center of Digimon — Revenge of Diablomon 2: The Revengoning

Anybody who plays Cyber Sleuth for 10 minutes will tell you this. She is constantly Intentionally or not , bringing up her feelings romantic towards her partner in crime, Yuuko, even going so far as to say that her entire being is devoted to the other woman. Other characters in the game tease her for her feelings, but never in a negative way. Much like how Fei has feelings for Yuuko, Yuuko has been shown to have romantic feelings for Fei as well, though not as open about it. Yu is a lot like Fei in the way that the game never goes out of his way to hide his homosexuality, or the feelings he has for the main character, Keisuke.
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*spongebob narrator voice* ah.. zee mortifying ordeal of being known

Keep reading. So while I start to get to work on another spotlight I figure I can let people enjoy a little something to read with a quick review of the latest Digimon series: Digimon Adventure Tri. This spotlight will be using those mechanics, and if you want to find the new rules try this link:.
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So I was looking back at 02 and I saw a little something. We know that Izzy likes Mimi in Digimon Tri. And look! We were told Sora and Matt got married.

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